We believe a strong sense of gratitude is essential to honorably reaching one’s goals and building an inspiring supportive community! Sincere gratitude can be found sprinkled in all over of our projects and activities as we do our best to honor the amazing people that support Skorvion Games.

With that ideal in mind, this section represents a supporter hall of fame, where our top supporters are listed as a way to thank them for their involvement with our work. This section is separate from other gratitude mentions (such as relevant special thanks in our YouTube videos), as we hand-pick the most valued contributors to our continued work and progression in honor of their faith in what we stand for. Your kindness really does mean the world to us and we can never thank you enough!

Thank you to every single one of our patrons within our Patreon community. Especially to those of you listed below, who help us steadily move forward with an excited heart and clear mind! Thank you!

From the team at Skorvion Games to our most dedicated kind supporters,  the sincerest THANK YOU for believing in us and your continued support!


Our Amazing High-Level Patrons:

Other Notable Individuals / Organizations:
Mario Pogačić, Abiy Molla, Arno Schellekens, Carlos David Peña Moreno, Daniel Szabo, W3D Hub

Thank you for everything! You’ve truly inspired creation within us. 🙂