Right now our primary focus is to provide content that explores creativity, play and game development in connection with personal growth, health and awareness.

This is only the very first phase of a much larger journey, and we will be revealing more of what we have planned and are working on as our team and resources grow over time. If you like learning more about yourself and what games can do to enrich your life, plus our way of doing things feels in harmony with how you experience life (or would like to), then by all means feel free to stick around – we’re very happy and grateful to be of value to you!

The easiest way to see what Skorvion Games is all about right now is to simply watch our videos!

We create and explore games, but with a cool twist – connecting it to our personal development. No matter how small of a lesson there is to be learned, all of our projects aim to express the benefits of increased awareness and productive application in one way or another.

(examples of our well-received videos)

Our projects will be presented and linked here.