A creative team on a mission to show you how games can fuel your personal growth and enrich your life. Welcome to Skorvion Games, where we inspire creation.

Games are just games only if you treat them as such. They can teach you so much more once you allow yourself to be fully present and really listen.

Our content is definitely intended for YOU if you have a desire to…

  • Discover how games can be of undeniable value to your life.
  • Learn more about the art of video game development.
  • Be part of an inspiring and supportive community.
  • Improve and understand yourself better.
  • Fully enjoy immersive experiences.

Still not sure if you’re in the right place? Only one way to find out – check out our videos! We want to inspire and show new uplifting ways of experiencing games and all those amazing things related to them.


Skorvion Games started in 2017 as a passion project by Antonio Zidar. Reaching you online from Zagreb (Croatia), he’s the person you see in our videos and the creative force that keeps us moving forward.

Antonio realized that games had been of vital importance to his personal growth and helped develop most of his skills, creative interests and positive qualities. He’s made it a priority to show others how games have the potential to teach us more about ourselves than nearly anything else we have available.

People play games for fun all the time but often feel bad, are somehow stuck, or just continue on unfulfilled beyond that temporary dose of joy and excitement. The secret to solving this is actually in your level of awareness and habitual behavior.

How you think and use the games you play has never been more important! You can either get some fun out of an experience and leave it at that, or you can use a game the same way you would use a meaningful book and learn from what it provides.

Regardless of what kind of games you prefer, there is always something worthwhile to be gained or learned after you process and integrate the results and discoveries from your new experiences into who you are (your personality, identity, skills and interests).

This is where the building of awareness and providing inspiration comes in, along with an adequate push towards your own personal development – an investment into building a better YOU via experiences you actually love having!

There has never been such vast potential in enjoying fictional worlds than there is now, and we’re the brave explorers that get to uncover the deeper secrets of this new form of creative expression and the ways it can help us grow in all areas of our lives. Isn’t that a wonderful and exciting thought?


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