The Skorvion team wishes you happy winter holidays and a very successful, inspiring and full of life new decade as we all enter 2020!

We humans are programmed to experience life in yearly cycles and we measure our accomplishments and forward momentum as each year comes to a close and a new one opens up new opportunities. This might be even truer in the case of a new decade on the horizon as we can really look back at how the last 10 years shaped our lives and how we used all that precious time. Regardless of how things have gone up until this point we can always move the best part of our lives forward and set up the upcoming years to feature even better things for all involved! And for that, we are always thankfully excited.

Our greatest experiences are always ahead if we choose to look forward to what comes next with clarity, hope, determination and probably most important – with gratitude. And with this idea and trusting in the consistent arrival of good things, we’d like to welcome 2020 and everything it brings to our growth and creative success!

A sincere thank you to everyone involved in supporting or otherwise following our activity in the previous year, and we hope to bring you great value in this new yearly chapter.

“People overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in a decade.”

– Tony Robbins

Happy holidays and enjoy the start of your new year!

Antonio Zidar
Skorvion Founder / Project Leader