A reasonable amount of questions have recently been brought up about why nothing seems to be happening here at Skorvion. Lets be respectfully open and address this together.


There were 3 video uploads covering some general starting topics to show what kind of things are of special interest here, and to also test the waters of what types of response such exploration would receive. More so for myself (AZ) personally, as it wasn’t easy to step in front of a camera for the first time, among other things.

But that was all nearing the end of 2018, which means it’s roughly been 9 months since anything was posted publicly. With respect to everyone asking me privately about this situation, I’ve decided to make a summarized update so that any potential worries can be put aside.


Skorvion Games is still here, we just hit a slight time-distorting speed bump which is strategically being used to benefit everything going forward. There were a couple of videos being lined up in various stages of completion and background work towards our long-term goals never really stopped, but things abruptly came to a point where I had to make the hard decision to hold off publishing any new content for the time being.

Being the person who does the majority of everything you see here in this introductory phase of Skorvion’s development required a lot of my time to progress things further. Most of the work has been going on in the background and I can’t wait to reveal some of the things in production, but unfortunately right now things have to stay quiet a while longer.

I would like to focus as much of my energy and creativity on Skorvion related content as possible, but I’m also going through some big changes in both my private and professional life that are going to close off a significant chapter for me this year. On that note, I have decided to reinvest my efforts into completing the things I need to wrap up this year, so that I have more time and freedom to grow Skorvion Games the way I feel will benefit everyone instead of releasing things just to release things. I’d like to choose quality, energy, and heart. And with that preference, I’ve been working on closing a long life chapter so that Skorvion can become a larger part of the next one.


I sincerely apologize to the people who were excited to see more of what was coming up, and I hope this clears up why there is a certain silence in the air at our online outlets such as the YouTube channel this year, when it should have just kept on going with great enthusiasm as expected. I’m sorry for keeping things in the dark for this long without any notification and will do my best to make the wait worth it.

Provided no technical issues arise, new videos should be arriving with a more consistent aura sometime around November. It’s been a hard long wait (as almost nothing excites me more than the potential I see here), but ultimately for the better as it has allowed me to focus on setting up what path my life will take once the remaining parts of a fading era are closed – making new space for what I truly desire. The things that I’m moving towards are also moving towards me… they just need a bit of wiggle room to move in properly.


Lastly I would like to state my deepest appreciation to those of you who have supported either myself personally, or Skorvion Games as a whole. It’s a very small project at the moment, but with your support I’m sure it’ll grow to be a wonderful force, and that the content we build up will be of helpful service and inspiration to the people who are able to find something useful for themselves in the creation we send out through our passion and energy.

A lot of lessons have been learned, and a lot of challenges are currently in the process of being overcome. Win or lose – the mental, emotional and physical space needed to continue on this path with Skorvion will be acquired. There is no fail state, no game over, only learning and improvement for as long as one doesn’t fully give up. And sometimes an internal decision toward a better future for something you deeply care about can look as if that something is (for the time being) sliding backwards. And so as I’ve already stated, that November freedom is confidently closing in. It’s just a matter of strategy as to how fast it gets here. I wasn’t born an N7 for nothing.

This is Skorvion, and there is no doubt in my heart and mind that our exciting story has only just begun!

Thank you for reading our update, and enjoy the rest of your Summer!

Antonio Zidar
Skorvion Founder / Project Leader